Monday, March 1, 2010

Time For Spring Cleaning

 Image credit: Cliff

Spring is almost here and guess what?  It is spring cleaning time.  No, I'm not talking about cleaning your home.  I'm talking about cleaning your other home, your body temple home.

Our body temple home is the body in which we reside.  There is no one that I know who will go for weeks without bathing.  Well, there could be someone out there who goes around smelling for weeks at a time, but for the most part we love to be clean and smelling good.  So why do we go for months and even years with our cleansing our body temple home?

I use to be one who didn't know the importance of cleansing the body internally.  Why?  Because I wasn't taught this.  Yeah, I use to hear my grandparents talk about "getting a good cleaning out," but I didn't know what that really meant.  Today, I know what it means and understand how important it is to cleanse internally.

I am staring today with my spring cleaning and I will spring clean for 14 days.  I'm not doing a fast or anything.  I''ll be using a cleansing kit from Enzymatic Therapy.  I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes.

The cleansing kit consists of  Fiber Fusion, a Laxative Formula.  Along with that I will be drinking lots of water and eating clean.  I guess you're probably thinking, "Evelyn, I thought you ate clean."  Not always, I fall short sometimes.  Anyway, let's talk about fiber.

Dietary Fiber

Fiber is the indigestible part of plant food that absorbs water in the digestive system.  This makes it easier for you to eliminate waste.  Fiber acts like a broom, moving along sweeping those things out of the system that don't belong.

If you rarely eat plant food or foods high in fiber, then you will end up with a problem and the problem that usually occurs is constipation.  The bowels must be kept moving so that toxins can be eliminated.

The Importance of Fiber

Fiber helps absorb and eliminate toxins.  The fiber binds to toxins and are excreted out of the body.  It also helps improve the function of the colon.  Fiber helps to increase bulk and soften the stool, which makes it easier to eliminate.  Fiber also helps shorten the amount of time waste stays in the intestinal tract.

As you can see fiber is very important in our diet.  If you are one who eats very little food that contains fiber, then you should consider increasing those foods.  The foods that are high in fiber are usually plant-based.  So that means, you should increase your fruit and vegetable intake.

Question:  Are you doing any spring cleaning?  If, so what type of cleanse will you be doing?

Take time to take care of yourself!