Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Juicng Helps with Cravings

Do you have cravings?  I use to crave sweets and pretzels, but over time, my cravings for these foods have gone.  When you no longer crave certain foods, that's when you know that your body is getting what it needs.

Definition of Craving
Craving is defined in Merriam Webster's Dictionary as an intense, urgent, or abnormal desire or longing.

 Reasons for Cravings

  • The body may need certain minerals/nutrients.
  • Food allergies may be present.
  • Candidiasis (candida) 
  • PMS

How to Diminish Your Cravings

I increased my fruits, vegetables and green smoothie intake.  I no longer have cravings for sweets and pretzels.  I can't believe it!  When I want something sweet, I just grab some fruit and when I want something, crunch/salty, I grab some nuts/seeds.

  • Get to the root cause of your cravings.
  • Devise a plan to stop your cravings.
  • Make dietary changes

5 Common Types of Food Cravings

  • Sweets and chocolate
  • Salty foods
  • Ice
  • Peanut Butter
  • Sour Foods

Beneficial Juices for Food Cravings

  • Sweets and chocolate:  green pepper, apple, spinach, carrot, and asparagus
  • Salty foods:  parsley, garlic spinach, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, green pepper, turnip greens, sweet pepper, beet greens, garlic, ginger root, potato.
  • Ice:  parsley, beet greens, spinach, broccoli, spinach, kale
  • Peanut butter:  carrot, garlic, ginger root, coconut, and apple
  • Sour foods:  kale, parsley, broccoli, beet greens, and green vegetables.

A Few Juice Recipes to Help with Your Cravings

  •  Sugar cravings - 1/4 inch slice ginger root, 4-5 carrots, greens removed, 1/2 apple, seeded.  Push ginger through hopper with carrots an apples. 
  • Salt cravings - handful of parsley, handful of spinach, 4-5 carrots, greens removed, 2 stalks of celery.  Bunch up parsley and spinach leaves, and push through hopper with carrots and celery.
  • Ice cravings - 3 beet tops, 4-5 carrots, 1/2 green pepper, 1/2 apple seeded.  Bunch up beet tops, and push through hopper with carrots followed by green pepper and apple. 
  • Peanut butter cravings - 3-inch slice pineapple, with skin, 1/2 apple, seeded, 1/2 cup coconut milk.  Push pineapple through hopper with apple.  Pour juice into glass and add coconut milk. 
  • Sour foods cravings - 2 apples, seeded, 1 large bunch grapes, 1 lemon wedge.  Push apples, grapes and lemon through hopper.

Recipes and information from Juicing or Life by Cherie Calbom and Maureen Keane.  This is an excellent book.  I've tried some of the juices and have found them quite tasty and helpful.

Image credit:  Wikimedia

Have a beautiful day!