Thursday, March 4, 2010

Introducing: Becoming Raw


ISBN 978-1-57067-238-5   
$24.95   384 pages   March 2010     
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The Raw Truth – Can A Raw Food Diet Be Safe?

The raw food movement is gaining in popularity.  Claims of amazing cures, spectacular weight loss, and increased energy and vitality have fueled interest…and concern. In BECOMING RAW, dietitians Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis took on the challenge of separating fact from fiction, dispelling common myths that surround raw vegan diets, and have garnered the support of doctors, raw food nutritionists and instructors in the process.

Becoming Raw will help readers design a raw or mainly raw vegan diet that is nutritionally safe and adequate. And it will provide professionals a standard to refer to in order to help clients. Offering sound nutrition guidelines based on current research from peer-reviewed medical literature, Davis and Melina explain how to meet recommended intake for every nutrient with a vegan diet that is entirely or mainly raw.

They also provide science-based answers to the tough questions surrounding raw vegan diets:
  •  Can you get enough protein by mainly eating fruit?  
  • How do you get adequate B12, iron, and calcium?      
  • Do enzymes in raw foods really contribute to human health?  
  • Can cancer and other chronic diseases be prevented by eating a raw vegan diet?
  •  Does cooking destroy nutrients or is it necessary for food safety?

Completely referenced, and including nutrition guidelines, menus, and recipes, BECOMING RAW is the definitive guide to adopting a healthy raw vegan diet. And for the first time, food historian Rynn Berry presents a coherent, objective narrative tracing the history of the raw-food movement in the United States.


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My review of this book is coming soon!