Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunshine Award

Sending a big thank you to my girl over at Chocolate Orchid for bestowing upon me the Sunshine Award!

This award  means a lot to me, because as a blogger, I sometimes wonder if anyone is actually reading my posts.   I am grateful to all the people who stop by Natural Raw Living, leave comments, and send me encouraging words.

This is a simple award.  Just pass this award along to other bloggers who bring you sunshine and make sure you link to the person gave you the Sunshine Award.

Now on to the good part!

Here are some people who bring sunshine:

Sarah @ Living the Fruity Life
EarthMother @In the Raw
Kiesha @Highly Favored
Ingrid @ Raw Epicurean
Attorney Mom @Character Corner
D. Miller @Devotions ChopChop
Carolyn @Carolyn's Raw Foods

Hugs and love everyone!!