Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Skin Never Lies

Did you know that your skin will let you know when you need to cleanse internally?  Well, it will.  Back in the day my grandmother, would say "You need a cleaning-out."  Do you remember those days? 

The skin is the largest eliminating organ.  Some things will make their way out of the body through the skin which can result in one having skin problems.  If you eat a diet high in greasy, junkie, processed foods, with very little water intake, then you can expect to have some skin issues.

Many of us will not connect skin problems with diet, but to a certain degree, they are related. When I changed my diet, I noticed a significant change in my skin (appearance and feel).  I get more compliments now, then I did when I was younger.
When you eat a clean, healthy diet, your skin will look clean and healthy.  No more bad skin days.  Be prepared to have healthy glowing skin that is smooth as silk and to receive tons of compliments.

Discussion Time:  Did you notice a change in your skin, when you changed your diet?  If so, what changes have you noticed?

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