Monday, February 15, 2010

My Raw Food Update - Week 1

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February 8-14, 2010 Week 1 of Eating the Raw Vegan Way

This is an update to let you know how I'm doing.  I did very well and I can hardly believe that I ate the raw vegan way for 1 week.  I'm taking one week at a time..really 1 day at a time.

I had a minor set back on Saturday, Feb. 13th, because,

  • I had no plan
  • I was not prepared
My set back was that I ate some potato chips and then a few cookies.  After eating those foods, I did not feel very well.  I will not be eating that junk anymore.  All it takes is one time and I'm done.

Eating raw vegan foods takes planning and preparing.  Below is what I did for Week 1.                
  • Sprouted a zesty seed mixture of alfalfa, fenugreek and clover.
  • Made almond milk.
  • Made rejuvelac - which I will discuss in a future post.
  • Made a delicious raw cracker - first raw cracker I've made and liked.
  • Used my carrot pulp for a spread for my crackers - which I will share in a future post.
  • Made Not Tuna Pate - I used Raw Foods Made Easy by Jennifer Cornbleet.  
  • On the days that I did not have a green smoothie, I made sure to have a large vegetable salad.
  • Juiced about 2 times this week.
What I learned this week

I can do whatever I want through prayer, planning, preparing and determination.

Goals for Week 2 - February 15-21, 2010
  • Be prepared and plan
  • Have more seeds, nuts and legumes sprouting
  • Have more green vegetable juices
  • Exercise
Group Discussion: Tell us, how you are being successful with your healthy way of eating, be it raw vegan, vegan, vegetarian or whatever?

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