Monday, February 15, 2010

Just Get Up

Today, we are blessed to have Kiesha, the Author of Highly Favored as our Guest blogger for Motivational Monday.  Kiesha @ Highly Favored provides Christian Inspiration and Encouragement and she has encourged me in many areas of my life.

So you've fallen, you've failed - lost that great job at a time when your family needed it the most. Your spouse left just as you were trying to recover from that major surgery. You gained the weight back. You lost your car, house, all the money you had in the bank - everything, is gone. Your child is sick. Your mother, father, spouse, uncle is dying.

Your heart is aching. It's hard to breathe - feels like you'll suffocate. You feel so alone. You feel like giving up; like throwing in the towel and rack.

After all, what's the use? It seems like your dreams will never materialize. Your hope is fading. Why hope when nothing ever changes? Why even get out of bed? What's the purpose? The day is just going to be the same as yesterday, right?

Get up. Period - you don't know what wonderful things God has planned for you until you get to a place where you can receive them. The circumstances of yesterday have absolutely nothing to do with those of today and tomorrow. Just as quickly as your circumstances changed for the worse - God can change them for the better. Snap! Just like that - He can restore you - heal your land - and breathe life into your dry bones. Yes, just like that!

Get up. Period - sometimes God has to prune the bush so that beautiful blooms can flourish on our limbs. Without this painful pruning, we would otherwise be sucked dry by branches that are no longer of any use. This goes for people. Sometimes they are taking more from us than they are giving, and as harsh as it may seem, sometimes people are pruned from our lives so that we can grow.

Sometimes God has to sprinkle a little manure in our gardens - yes, it stinks, but in the long run it makes us stronger, more productive and more appealing.

Get up. Period - push back the covers, tear open the blinds and accept the sunshine and the rain with the same gratefulness. Choose to see things positively. When you do, you'll realize that life Without the rain will cause us shrivel and dry out - we need it. Just as much as we need the sun.

If you choose to be negative, for you, rain will only bring floods and the sun - a scorching drought. You'll miss all the good that can be found in all things.

So get up. That's it. Don't stay down. Keep moving. Keep trying. Don't quit.

If you fall, just dust yourself off and start over. It doesn't matter how many times you've been there. If you've fallen 10 times, this next time might be a winner. Try again. And again...

Just get up. Period.

Kiesha Easley holds a Master of Arts in English.  She is a graduate of the University of Toledo and has been published  on,, Associate Programs, and others.