Thursday, January 14, 2010

Which Raw Food Diet Should I Choose? - Raw Food Guide #5

image credit: Valerie Everett

Changing your way of eating can be a challenge, especially when the new way of eating you have chosen is not the norm. Once beginning this journey to raw foods, you will seek out the best raw food diet and sometimes get frustrated in the process, but don't give up.  There is a raw food diet just for you. 

There are many books, internet articles and videos out here in the raw food world that would have you believe that their recommended diet is "the" best and "only" diet that can give you radiant and vibrant health, but you and your body must be the judge.

I am familiar with these diets below, but I am sure there are many more out here that I have yet to discover. 
  • 80 10 10 - Dr. Graham
  • Sunfood Diet System - David Wolfe
  • pH Miracle - Dr. Young
  • Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine - Dr. Cousens
  • Hallelujah Diet - Rev. Malkmus
Well, I don't subscribe to any one diet in particular, but I do lean more toward the Hallelujah Diet.   I have learned from everyone, but I take what I need and leave out the rest.

I believe in raw food liberty, which is the freedom for one to choose the diet that works best for him/her.  I don't recommend any particular diet to anyone.  I have learned that everyone is unique and one diet does not fit all.  I do recommend that you eat a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, (grains and beans if desired).  If you need supplements, then do what you must do.

The main thing you should always remember when choosing the right raw food diet is to always keep it simple.  You can never go wrong with simplicity.

How did you choose your current diet?