Thursday, January 7, 2010

Juice It Up with Arkansas Black Apples

While strolling through the farmers market, I saw the most beautiful apples ever  "Arkansas Black Apples" and I had to have them.  Well, needless to say I can't get enough of these apples. 

Arkansas Black Apples
  • First produced in 1870 in an orchard in Arkansas
  • In season in mid-October
  • Skin is dark red to almost black
  • Excellent flavor
  • Crisp and ideal for juicing
  • Slight tartness
Arkansas Black Apples and Fresh Carrot Juice

The very first time I tried the Arkansas Black apples in fresh carrot juice, I was hooked.  The carrot-apple juice actually  has a sweet-tarty taste and is very delicious. 

4-5 organic carrots
1 small Arkansas Black Apple

Directions:  Wash carrots and apple.  Push through the hopper of your juicer.  Add a little distilled water if you desire.

**This makes 1 serving, but if you want a larger serving add more carrots and apples.**


Have a juicy day!  :)