Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How Not to Answer the Junk Food Call

Photo by:  Sunday Kofax

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time staying away from junk food (chips, pretzels, candy bars, cookies, etc).  No, this junk is not a staple in my diet.

It is very hard when you live with someone who purchases these foods.  Sometimes I hear the candy bar calling my name and I answer the call.  Shame on me!

While I was posting to one of my other blogs (Monday night), a candy bar was calling my name, but I did not answer.  I gladly ate a banana with a almond butter instead.  This is a yummy treat!  

6 Things I Do to Help Me Avoid Junk Foods

  1. Don't purchase.  It is always a good idea not to purchase junk foods.  Out of sight our of mind.
  2. Research. Do a search and find out how sugar, salt, white flour, chocolate and other junk foods mess up the body.  Your search will be enough to help you to put the brakes on the junk food.
  3. Healthy alternatives. Always have a healthy back-up plan.  If you want that candy bar, then grab some fruit instead.  This always works for me.
  4. Preoccupy yourself.  This is a way of ignoring the call.  Try spending time exercising, reading, surfing the internet, or watching you tube videos.  Do whatever you must do to take your mind off the junk food.  You will be amazed how time flies and how quickly you forget about that candy bar.
  5. Give in.  If you must give in, then don't over do it.  I've found that when I have given in, I don't feel well after wards.  Getting sick makes me think twice about eating that junk food again.
  6. Don't be hard on yourself.  If you do give in, don't beat yourself up.  Don't allow this to cause you to stay down.  Get back up, start again and keep on moving.  
How do you avoid eating junk food?

Have a wonderful day!