Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12 Things You Should Take Time to Do

We live in a world where we are busy and we don't take the time to enjoy life.  We're only here for a little while, so while we are here, we should take time to do things that will help us live a full life.

Take Time for these 12 Things

  1. Take time to Work - it is the price of success.
  2. Take time to Think - it is the source of power.
  3. Take time to Play - it is the secret of youth.
  4. Take time to Read - it is the foundation of knowledge.
  5. Take time to Worship - it is the highway of reverence and washes the dust of earth from our eyes.
  6. Take time to Help and Enjoy Friends - it is the source of happiness.
  7. Take time to Love and Share - it is the one sacrament of life.
  8. Take time to Dream - it hitches the soul to the stars.
  9. Take time to Laugh - it is the singing that helps life's loads.
  10. Take time for Beauty - it is everywhere in nature.
  11. Take time for Health - it is the wealth and treasure of life.
  12. Take time to Plan - it is the secret of being able to have time for the first 11 things.
List from Apple Cider Vinegar:  Health System by Paul C. Bragg page 98

Have a lovely day!