Monday, December 21, 2009

Keep on Keeping On

I took a much needed break from posting on last week.  This break was one that helped me re-group and take a closer look at where I'd like to go with this blog.  If any of you have suggestions/recommendations please let me know.  I gladly welcome your input.
Eating a high raw vegan diet is extremely challenging at times, but when we have our minds set we can keep on keeping on no matter what.  Even if we fall we can always get back up and begin again. 

Below is a video of what happened to my body when I fell back into eating cooked foods that were unhealthy.  The cooked food eating spree was only for 2-3 days and my body told me that this food is not good for my body. I felt so bad and I don't want to experience that feeling ever again.

I always say listen to your body and after the experience I had, it will be easier for me to be extra careful in what I allow to enter my body.

Take care and have an wonderful day!