Wednesday, December 23, 2009

African Lemongrass Indigenous Black Soap Elixir Review: Shea Terra Organics

Have you ever used a product and while using it all you can say to yourself is, "Man I love this product?"  Well that's how I am about African Lemongrass Indigenous Black Soap Elixir by Shea Terra Organics.

I recently received my goodies from Shea Terra Organics and they included a sample of the African Lemongrass Black Soap Elixir.  I have used this before and loved it then, but after using the sample I'll be purchasing this in the 8 oz. size.  I am so in love with this liquid soap until it isn't funny.

African Lemongrass Indigenous Black Soap Elixir can be used for the whole body, but I use it only on my face.  Sometimes I use it as a mask.  How?  Well, I apply it while in the shower and let it sit on my face until I've finish showering and then I rinse off.  It rinses away clean and leaves my skin feeling fresh.

I am in love with the smell of this soap.  It has a lemongrass smell and it is not over powering.  Not only that, but my skin is soft, smooth, and clear.  It is a bit pricey, but this is a 100% natural quality product and worth every bit of my dollars and then some.

I use several of Shea Terra Organics's products, which include the certified organic shea butters, moroccan mud, coconut oil, shea body oil, and the essences.  I can use the butters and oils on my skin as well as on my hair and I am happy about that.

Shea Terra Organics is my all time favorite company to purchase shea butter and black soap products from. They have great customer service.  Whenever you place an order, expect to receive a few samples with your order.  I am a customer for life.

Details (from Shea Terra's Website)

African Lemongrass Indigenous Black Soap Elixir
8 oz. $18

Acne, black heads, unsightly skin? Never fear, black soap is here! Can't imagine bubbling up in a soap as black as tar? Well, so were many of our spa owners and beauty magazine editors, but now they live by this ancient remedy for amazingly beautiful skin. Shea Terra's Indigenous Black soap Elixir evens skin tone, dries out and prevents acne, speeds up healing of open wounds, diminishes razor bumps, and dissolves the "glue" that holds on dead skin cells.

Modern "miracle" cosmeceuticals make promising claims that most often turn out disappointing. And often, when they do deliver results, the chemicals they are made from can have devastating long term effects. Not so with centuries old Indigenous Black Soap. Created in Africa from indigenous plants, natives have been successfully treating difficult skin ailments before the onslaught of modern cosmeceuticals.

Beware of inferior and imitation black soaps. Due to the popularity of black soap some companies have added dye to make their soaps appear original. Some black soaps, due to improper formulations can cause harsh skin reactions. Shea Terra Organics has been offering black soap products from master soap makers of the Yoruba tribe for almost a decade. Our soap is gentle yet highly effective.

Who are the Yoruba? The Yoruba of West Africa is a tribe of people descended from Egypt. They have been known throughout history for their highly developed form of medicine, similar to Ayurveda of India, much of which they brought with them from Egypt.

  • skin rejuvenation
  • skin renewal
  • speeds up skin healing
  • evens skin tone
  • dries up acne
  • draws out skin impurities
  • dissolves "skin glue" to remove dead skin cells

Contains only: Propietary herbal blend (deionized water, aloe ferox, kigelli, african potato, cert. organic chamomile, cert. organic pot marigold), cert. organic sunflower oil, Yoruba black soap (cocoa pod ash, plantain peel ash, palm kernel oil, camwood bark), cert. organic shea butter, cert. organic virgin coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, lemongrass essential oil, citric acid

Work into wet skin to remove dead skin and impurities. Rinse off. First few treatments may have to be repeated until skin build up is removed. After this daily use will keep skin smooth and should decrease occurrence of acne.

You can also check out African Lemongrass Indigenous Black Soap Elixir on Amazon.

Keep it natural inside and out!  :-)