Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Going Raw - Raw Food Guide #1

Today, marks the beginning of a series of posts that will guide and help you eat a diet consisting mostly of raw living foods.  One does not have to eat a diet consisting of 100% raw foods in order to have good health.

When, I first started out on this journey, I had no clue how and where to begin.  I had no plan or focus, which is why I think I have struggled so much to stay on the raw food wagon.  Together we will begin our journey of moving toward eating more raw foods and reaching our goals.

Why you should consider eating a raw living foods diet.
  •  Energy.  Eating more raw foods will help you have more energy and increase your quality of life for the better.
  • Healing and Dis-ease.  Raw foods can help you if you are feeling sick, weak, tired, or even have a disease.  I'm not guaranteeing anything, here, but I say give it a try and see how you feel.
  • Digestion.  The body takes less time to digest a diet of raw (uncooked) foods.  Why?  Because raw foods are rich in living enzymes.  It takes more energy for the body to digest a cooked meal.
  • Cost.  Some think eating a raw food diet is expensive, but it isn't.  I think it is actually cheaper.  I can go to the farmer's market and rack up on organic produce and not spend nearly as much I would going to the grocery store.  Not only that, when spring comes around I can plant my own food.  I did that this year and I had an awesome garden.
  • Variety.  There are so many fruits and vegetables out here.  Some we will never have a chance to try, because it is so many.
  • Mental Clarity.  Brain fog can be a thing of the past.  Why?  Because raw living foods help bring more oxygen into the body, and as a result the brain gets more oxygen, which helps improve mental clarity.  
The points above are very motivating and helps you look at raw foods in a positive way.  Good for the mind, body and spirit!

Have a blessed day!  :)