Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sugar is Not Your Friend

Today marks 1 1/2 weeks of my eating a 100% raw living food's diet.  I started eating 100% on November 13, 2009 along with another raw food buddy and let me tell you, I have done great.  It pays to have a raw food buddy!

I have noticed my cravings for sweets have gone away.  I use to think sugar was my best friend, but not anymore.  Sugar is actually my worst enemy.

There are hidden dangers in consuming refined sugars.  Lets name a few and then you can go visit these 2 sites and read the information for yourself. The Dangers of Sugar and 144 Reasons Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health.
  • Excessive sugar intake has been associated with type 2 diabetes, obesity, and tooth decay.
  • Sugar suppresses the immune system 
  • Sugar contains empty calories (void of nutrition) and can lead to conditions such as, ADD, cancer and depression, just to name a few.
As you can see, sugar is not your friend.  You may find comfort in sugar now, but in the long haul it will catch up with you. Dr. Mercola shares how sugar destroys your health.

I also listened to a lecture by Dr. T of Ecopolitan, The Truth About Sugar and here are some my notes from the lecture.  You can listen to his lectures on The Truth About Your Food.

We need sugar (carbohydrates) to fuel our cells to produce ATP (energy) so that our bodies will have energy.  The chemical reactions of making ATP (energy) for the cells uses oxygen to make ATP, therefore making it aerobic metabolism.

On the other hand when we take in too much of the wrong types of sugars (carbohydrates), then it makes the body more acidic resulting in anaerobic metabolism.  Less oxygen in our cells to run the reactions, causes increased acidity.   

When sugar (carbohydrates) are refined (white sugar, syrup, nectar, etc), the fiber and nutrients no longer exist.  As a result these sweeteners cause a rapid spike in blood sugar and a spike in insulin.

What makes the tissues acidic?

Acidity comes from the intake of excessive amounts of white/refine sugar.  As a result we have little energy and which causes additional cravings.  We lose energy because we are craving more and more sugar and as a result we go into anaerobic metabolism.  

Do you still think sugar is your friend?

Your health is your wealth!  :)