Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Raw Food Kitchen - Raw Food Guide #3

You are now ready to eat raw living foods and you're probably wondering, what equipment and food staples you need. You will need some basic kitchen equipment and food staples to get you started.

Kitchen Equipment
  1.  Blender.  If you have a good blender that is working fine, there is no need to rush out purchase a heavy duty blender.  A heavy duty blender is great, but start where you are and work your way up.  I am partial to the Vita Mix, but there are many heavy duty blenders on the market you can choose from.
  2. Coffee grinder (optional).  A coffee grinder is good for grinding flax seeds and other seeds and nuts.  I have a Magic Bullet and it has an attachment for grinding seeds and nuts.  You can also use a heavy duty blender for grinding, but most of the time you will need small amounts, so you may consider purchasing a coffee grinder.
  3. Food processor.  A food processor is good to have, but I don't think believe you need to have one, when you're starting out.  Why?  Because a lot of things you can do with a food processor you can do with a good heavy duty blender.  
  4. Juicer.  A juicer is good to have, but again, I don't believe this is necessary when you are starting out.  Don't feel you need to purchase a top of the line juicer.  Start small and work your way up.
  5. Dehydrator.  A dehydrator is good to have (not necessary), if you want to make crackers, breads and seasoned nuts and have other little treats on hand during your transition.  However, over time you will find that you will use your dehydrator less and less. 
Other Tools
  1. Mixing bowls
  2. Rubber Spatulas
  3. Knives 
  4. Cutting board (wood or bamboo)
  5. Kitchen scissors
  6. Colander
  7. Garlic press
  8. Mason jars
  9. Measuring cups and spoons
  10. Sprout bag or cheese cloth (for straining nut milks)
  11. Fine mesh strainer
  12. Vegetable peeler
Kitchen Staples
  1. Fruit (dried and frozen)
  2. Dried herbs and spices
  3. Oils and Vinegars 
  4. Raw nuts and seeds
  5. Sweeteners and Seasonings
  6. Other (nut/seed butters, carob or cocoa powder, sea vegetables, oats, sun-dried tomatoes, etc)
Purchase fresh produce on a weekly basis.

You are now on your way!

Have a wonderful day!  :)