Friday, October 23, 2009

We Need Quiet Time

Many of us are always on the go and we never take time to stop and enjoy the moment.  We don't even have 5-10 minutes in our day to spend being quiet.  I'm guilty of this, that is why I am doing this post.  I will spend quiet time in prayer and meditation with God and make it part of my daily routine no matter what.  Whatever your faith is, we can all benefit from quiet time.

Why You Need Quiet Time

Carving out time in your schedule for quiet time helps you put things into perspective.  You are able to listen in silence and hear what God is revealing to you about yourself, other people in your life and you can receive answers to your questions.  In other words, you can get revelations about so many things in your life.

The Benefits of Quiet Time
  • Helps you realize that it is not all about you, but about someone greater.  In my case, it's all about God.
  • Helps give you direction for the day and for your life.
  • Allows time for reflection.
  • Opens you up to find your passions in life.
  • Helps you be more creative.
  • Helps you make those dreams and goals become reality
  • Allows you to listen deeply to what God, wants you to know and see.
Today, marks day 1 for changes that I am making in my life and quiet time, is on the list of things that I must do.

Side note:  I was beginning to question, if what I am doing is worth it.  But God put people in my path, just when I needed a word of encouragement, motivation and inspiration to say otherwise.  I call them my angels, because they brought me profound messages, when I needed them the most.  You, my angels, have re-awakened the creativity and passion that I have inside.  I say thank you, to those people.  You are touching lives and healing nations.

Have a peace filled day and remember to have quiet time.  You never know where quiet time will lead you.

Have an amazing weekend!  :-)