Friday, October 30, 2009

To Juice or Not to Juice

I have been having a green smoothie every day this week and today I'm breaking to do a 1 day juice fast.  I use to think that we shouldn't juice our foods, but I have since changed that way of thinking.

Freshly made juices are packed with powerful nutrients that we need.  These powerful nutrients go directly into our system and into our cells.  There is no fiber to break down and the body gets what it needs

When it comes to smoothies, I'm partial to green smoothies, but fruit smoothies are good too.  The whole food is kept in tact and you get the fiber, which helps sweep the digestive system.  One thing I have noticed about green smoothies, is that they are nutrient-dense and they keep you satisfied for a long time.

I don't believe that juicing is better than smoothies neither do I believe that smoothies are better than juicing.  Freshly made juices and smoothies are a powerful combination.  There are some awesome benefits from doing both.

While on my raw food journey, I have changed my view point on many topics and I am sure there are more view point changes to come.  I no longer hang on the words of the experts, but I do my own research and draw my own conclusions.  I encourage everyone to do the same.

I have read many testimonies of people who were cured from diseases.  These people changed their diet to a vegan diet and drank large amounts of fresh juices.

It is my conclusion that juicing is beneficial for the body.  I like knowing that my body gets the best of both worlds.  The quick uptake of vitamins, minerals and nutrients from juicing and fiber from smoothies.  It doesn't get any better than this.

Have a great weekend!  :-)