Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Link Love

I have  few links that I'd like to show some love.  The authors of these links stopped by and left comments.  When you have a chance check out their sites.
  1. Malachi of Raw Wisdom.  Malachi is a Raw Chef from London, United Kingdom and he loves raw food.  His blog is full of fun, wisdom, controversy, and comedy.  Malachi also has videos on You Tube and he makes a mean banana spinach smoothie.
  2. Leah Salmon of Your Health All Here, Davidel.  Leah is a Natural Nutrition Coach, Metabolic Typing Adviser, and Owner of Davidel from the United Kingdom.  She is a lover of food and all things natural and healthy.
  3. Sharon of Shar on Nutrition.  Sharon has always been interested in nutrition.  Her blog shows the latest and greatest nutrition trends that directs people toward a healthier lifestyle.
  4. Roschelle of Inconsequential Logic.  Roschelle is a blogger and has been a Registered Nurse for 15 years.  She shares blogging tips, her opinions on life, work and play.  Roschelle will definitely keep you in the know.
  5. Jennifer of Fruitful Vine.  Jennier is a homemaker from St. Joseph, Dominica.  She helps wives succeed in being a blessing to their husbands.  Jennifer also loves discovering the wonders of raw foods and their benefits for the body.  
Peace, love and happiness!  :-)