Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to Stay Warm for the Winter

Winter is quickly upon us and in some parts of the states and the world winter coats are already out of storage and being worn.  For those of us who eat a raw food plant-based diet, we may find ourselves a little colder than usual.

Here are a few things you can do to stay warm in colder temperatures and throughout the winter.

Tips from Alaskan Raw Foodists (source: The Best of Raw Food)
  1. More exercise
  2. Cayenne pepper in socks and cloves
  3. Add more heating spices to food (cayenne, ginger, peppercorn, garlic).
  4. Raw doesn't mean your food has to be cold.  You can warm food up to 120F for 2 minutes (just stir when it becomes too warm to touch).
  5. Warm up plates
  6. Put a cold salad from the fridge in the dehydrator/oven for a few minutes to make it room temperature
  7. Put warm sauces/salad dressings over your salad
  8. Drink warm apple cider
Here are some more tips for you
  1. Stay raw as much as possible
  2. Decide you are going to be healthy during the winter
  3. Don't eat more nuts and seeds because you think you need more fat.
  4. Avoid mucus foods - pastas, rice, etc (these contribute to colds and flus)
  5. Keep track of what you are eating
  6. Foods don't have to be cold
  7. Stay warm in the winter
  8. Get outside more
  9. Exercise and stay fit
Enjoy your winter and stay warm!