Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why a Raw Food Diet?

It is time for another meeting in the the Raw Food Lounge to get our discussion on. Feel free to comment and also make topic suggestions.

Why a Raw Food Diet?

I gradually changed my diet for health reasons. I started out as a vegetarian, but always had slip ups. It wasn't until I ventured into the world of raw foods, that I had no desire to eat any animal flesh. Now I am a raw vegan, leaning toward becoming 100% raw.

I initially changed my diet for health reasons, but after experimenting with the raw food diet, I could not turn back, because I'm feeling great. Eating a raw food diet also gives my skin an amazing glow and I look younger than what I really am. At least that's what people tell me. Oh, one more thing, I don't use deodorant (just soap and water) and my armpits don't smell.


Why a raw food diet and what are some changes you've noticed since switching to a raw food diet? If you haven't completely switched to a raw food diet, please feel free to participate and share in this discussion anyway.

We'd love to know!

Happy Saturday! :)