Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Link Love

I have a few links I'd like to show some love.  The authors of these links stopped by and left comments and I'd like to share them with you today.  When you have a chance, check our their sites.

Shan an Karla are sister-in-laws who share a passion of healthy living and natural remedies.
They share information about health and well-being through holistic nutrition and nautropathy.

Tina shares her journey towards a healthy lifestyle based on her creations from fruits and vegetables.  She shares her thoughts on food, recipes and does restaurant reviews. Tina also shares her life and the places she travels.

Rawshida journalizes her trials and tribulations; successes and turning points; on a raw food journey towards a healthier Rawshida.  Rawshida wants to be a source of motivation for others.

Chocolate Orchid blogs about healthy eating, natural hair, and her thoughts on life.  CO is a natural hair and health nut diva.

Have a great day!