Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Link Love

I am highlighting a few people who visited Natural Raw Living and left comments on a post entitled Noticing Healthy Raw Food Vegans. I encourage you to check out their links when you have a chance.

Mari stopped by and commented.
Hmm. Interesting post. Because of your raw food journey you ponder things you wouldn't have otherwise.

It is easy to see people who look weakly on a raw food diet, and think it is the raw food diet in general as opposed to that particular person's raw food diet.

Great "food" for thought! Thanks!
Mari is doing a 40 day fast and documenting her experiences.  Her posts are very inspirational.  Check out her blog and show her some love. 

Raw Chuck also stopped by and commented.
 Greens, especially the dark leafy ones, are chock full of all kinds of nifty nutrients! I always get at least one of 'em in my morning smoothie. (And plenty more throughout the day of course.)

Like you said though, the key is to get a WIDE VARIETY of fresh, whole fruits and veggies.

Another thing to consider is that some people embark on raw foods for the wrong reasons, when they're not truly ready for it. Such individuals are less likely to "invest" seriously in the diet. And as you've observed, it shows in what they reap.
Raw Chuck has a very informative blog and he helps you succeed achieving optimal weight and health with the raw food diet. Check out Chuck's blog and show him some love.

Kristen passed through and also left a comment.
I love my greens - green smoothies, green juices, green salads... they rock my world. :) 
Kristen shares recipes on her blog and much more.  She has a few published raw food books too.  Check out Kristen and show her some love.

Have a beautiful day!  :)