Friday, September 11, 2009

Noticing Healthy Looking Raw Food Vegans

I've been on my raw food journey for almost a year now and the longer I'm on this journey, the more I notice how other raw food vegans look (healthy looking/not healthy looking).  A raw food vegan's appearance speaks volumes to me, because it tells me if the raw food diet they are eating is really good for them.

You're probably wondering, "what is Evelyn talking about?"  Well, I'm talking about how some raw food vegans just don't look healthy.  I wonder how some could look healthy at the start of their raw food journey and then not look healthy 6 months to a year later.  It's scary to me and I wonder what's going on?

Some raw food vegans look frail, pale, weakly and spacey. Are these raw food vegans missing certain nutrients or something?  I can't quite figure it out, but I know something is not right.

Now there are those who look the picture of health and you just know that they are getting what they need in their diet.  Those are the ones I follow closely, because I want to apply some of the things they are doing to my own diet. It seems the longer they are on the diet, the better they look.

Time and time again, I hear the healthy looking raw food vegans say they eat a variety of foods, but not only that, they always talk about green leafy vegetables and green juices/green smoothies/energy soups. There is life in greens, at least that is what I believe.

As a newbie trying to find my way, I want to know their secrets.  Even, Ms. Mimi Kirk, the 71 year raw food vegan, loves her green juices and she looks amazing.  Another older raw food vegan is Dr. Bisci and he looks amazing for his age too.  Now that is worth noting.

I believe those who are curious about the raw food diet, will look at other raw food vegans and draw conclusions about the diet based on how some raw food vegans look.  Some even comment on how frail, pale, sickly and weak they look.  They conclude that a raw food vegan diet must not be a healthy diet.

I pay close attention to how raw food vegans look and if they don't look healthy then, I automatically think they are missing some key nutrients in their diets. When I say looking healthy, I am not referring to the attractiveness of the person, but to the actual appearance (ex. glowing skin, weight, youthfulness etc.).

Well, this is my opinion post and I wanted to share what I have noticed since I've been on this journey.  I'd love to know your thoughts!

Have a wonderful weekend!