Wednesday, September 16, 2009

8 Rules for Great Blogging

Great bloggers all share one virtue in common:  They infuse their writing with a triple shot of personality.  Let your personality flow into your blogging and your readers will find you. ~Jeffery Feldman, editor in chief of Frameshop and HuffPost blogger.

1.  Blog often - If you want to increase your readership, then you must blog often.  Set a blogging schedule and stick to it. I try to blog 5-7 times a week, posting 1-3 times per day.

2.  Don't worry about being perfect - I have found that when I focus on being perfect, I don't write as well.  I am leaning to go with the flow.

3.  Write the way you speak - This works great, because it allows your true self to shine through and that's what most people are looking for.  Keep it real!

4.  Focus on specific details -  I don't ever finish reading someone's post if they are chasing rabbits. Its just a waste of my time.  Stay on point and make it specific. 

5.  Own your topic - If you post about something, you should be the expert.  This will increase your chances of your ideas being insightful and on point with your readers. 

6.  Know your audience - Find out what grabs your audience and roll with it.  When I write more passionately about a certain topic, I always get more feedback.  Something I was not expecting at all.

7.  Write short - I personally don't like reading long posts. My attention span is not too long.  If the post peeks my interest, then I end up forcing myself to read the post.

8.  Join conversation with like-minded blogs - Follow those blogs that lean toward your way of thinking.  Don't just be a follower of a blog, but try participating in the conversation by leaving an insightful or helpful comment.

Source: The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging

Happy hump day!  :)