Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Camera - Sanyo

I had to lay my Kodak DX 4530 to rest because it has stopped taking pictures. After 6 good years, I'm saying goodbye and saying hello to my new camera.

I purchased a Sanyo VPC-S1275 from Wal-mart. I'm not one to purchase cameras whose names I am not too familiar with, but I took a chance on a Sanyo. I usually stick with the common camera names, like Kodak, Canon, Nikon, etc. I came very close to purchasing the Canon, but the one I wanted was not in stock. I really needed a camera because I want to take nice pictures and I especially needed a camera for this weekend. This weekend I plan to take lots and lots of pictures of my classmates. Well anyway, let me tell you about the Sanyo.

Sanyo VPC-S1275 Purple Digital Camera, 12 MP with 2.8 LCD, 3x Optical Zoom, Face Detection Technology. $109
Item Description:
  • 12 mega pixel resolution - make beautiful large prints or easily crop with out image degradation.
  • 3x optical zoom/5x optical zoom - brings the action close for easy capture
  • 2.8 " LCD - compose and review your shots on this bright clear screen
  • 16MB internal memory and support for SDHC card up to 16GB - Internal memory is limited; purchase of an additional memory card (not included) is highly recommended
  • Additional features - Digital anti shake, face and smile detection with red eye removal
  • Accessories - Two "AA" batteries, Adapter Strap, Charger, USB/AV Cables, Strap, Pouch and CD-ROM
I am really liking this camera. It is easy to use and it takes great pictures. I purchased a memory card and re-chargeable batteries, because I knew from experience that regular batteries and the internal memory just don't cut it. The only issue that I am having with this camera is with the self-portrait scene. Nothing happens when I try using this feature. I could be doing something wrong. Who knows?

I was messing around and getting to know my camera. Check out the photos of Hannah. Nice clarity and everything. I really like it.

The bright flash caught her off guard

Until next time..