Friday, June 12, 2009

Top 10 Reasons Why Raw Food Rocks

Eating raw foods has really helped me in so many areas of my life.  Check out my Top 10 Reasons Why Raw Food Rocks.

  1. Energy and Drive -- My energy level is higher than it has been in a longtime, not sluggish anymore.
  2. Pooping -- regular, fast and easy (no horrible smells)...what more can I say.
  3. Clear Skin -- I receive complements on my skin from complete strangers. (not the case when I was eating mostly cooked foods).
  4. Mental Clarity -- I am more focused than ever before without the cloudy brain.
  5. Maintaining Ideal Weight -- My weight is constant with no major fluctuations.
  6. Feel Great -- I rarely feel bad.
  7. Fast & Simple Meal Prep -- Most of the meals I prepare take no time at all.  Now its when I try my hand at gourmet, which can sometimes be quite involved, but I don't do those often.
  8. Period Relief -- No menstrual cramps or heavy flows.  Comes and goes with no problems (sorry men who read my blog, but maybe you can share this information with your lady).
  9. Optimistic -- More positive than ever, always seeing the bright side of things.  I am always in a good mood unless someone ticks me off and then it takes a lot for that to happen.  I am my father's child and I have a quick temper, but more mellow now. 
  10. No Body Odor -- No more stinky armpits.  I don't use any deodorant..even after working up a sweat, I still don't stink.
Feel free to share reasons why Raw Food Rocks for you .

Have a wonderful weekend!