Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Age and Love

I receive daily Wisdom News from Lissa Coffey, who is the author of What's Your Dosha Baby? Discover the Vedic Way to Life and Love, one of many books she has authored.  

If you are interested in your dosha, check out What's Your Dosha and take the quiz.  I took the quiz a while ago and I am pitta.  I try to eat foods that are good for my dosha.  Do I always stick to this?  Nope, but I try!  :)

The message for today caught my eye and I wanted to share it because, I believe it is a true observation.

"Age doesn't protect you from love.  But love to some extent protects you from age."
~Jeanne Moreau in John Robert Columbo, Popcorn in Paradise (1979)

Here is what Ms. Coffey wrote about the above quote: " Ah love!  There's nothing like it.  Love keeps us young.  Love is healing.  Love is a powerful medicine.  But where does all this love come from?  Its right there inside of us, all the time.  We can live a life in love.  We can choose love every moment, we can express love, we can give love." ~Lissa Coffey

My observation

People who do not express love usually age quicker, are sicker and less happy.  People who express love, generally look younger, feel better and are very happy.

Let love ooze from every part of you always and forever.

Love ya!  :)