Saturday, April 11, 2009

News About Raw Almonds

I recently purchased some seeds and nuts from a Health Food Store.  I noticed that the almonds I wanted to purchase were not labeled raw, but were labeled unblanched.  I asked the cashier lady if they had any raw almonds and she said, "no".  I did however, purchase the almonds even after she mentioned a law related to raw almonds.

I later went to a grocery store and found almonds that were labeled raw almonds,  but I did not purchase them.  I thought to myself what is going on, and why did the cashier lady mention a law affecting raw almonds?

I wanted more information about raw almonds, so I did a search and found this article,  Raw Almond Fight Continues Despite Legal Setback. This is something I was not aware of...I guess because I haven't purchased any nuts and seeds lately.  If you want to know the latest news about raw foods, visit  Raw Foods News Magazine and stay informed!

See you later!