Sunday, April 12, 2009

Health According to the Scriptures by Paul Nison

I would like to  introduce you to Paul Nison.  I have learned a lot from Paul Nison and find him to be a down to earth person, who tells it like it is.  He is another one of my raw food mentors.

Paul Nison was healed of inflammatory bowel disease by changing his diet.  He is a living testimony that disease can be healed by feeding the body raw living foods.

Paul Nison is a raw food author, chef and educator.  He travels the world giving lectures on raw food nutrition and raw food preparation classes to show people how easy and fun the raw life can be.

I can't wait until June 4, 2009, when I get to meet Paul Nison, in the flesh.  He will be speaking about his new book The Daylight Diet.  If you are in the Atlanta area, come out and hear what Paul has to say.  For more information about future events, please visit Paul's website  

Check out his videos about Health According to the Scriptures.

Until next time...