Friday, April 3, 2009

Finding the Right Raw Food Diet for You

I am striving to become a raw food vegan (one who eats mostly uncooked foods not derived from animals) and I am trying very hard to find my way.  There are many raw food experts out here who believe that their diet recommendations are the best. Who can we believe?

I wish the raw food diet was more universal, but I am finding that it is not.  Most experts disagree with each other over how much fruit, vegetables, super foods, etc that one should eat which can be very confusing to a neophyte like me. 

I think there should be a universal raw food diet pyramid, because it will help us to have a general idea of the foods we should be consuming.  Below is a raw food diet pyramid that I found online, but it doesn't show the serving amounts.  

When it comes to my dietary changes, I want to see rock solid information so that I can make an informed decision.  Much of the information is very confusing, not to mention misleading.  I find myself constantly doing research to find the answers to my questions (the biologist in me).

Here are a few questions we should consider asking ourselves after changing to a raw food diet: How do I feel after eating?  How is my energy level?  How is my digestion? Remember to always listen to your body!