Tuesday, April 7, 2009

5 Things You Can Do To Save Money on Organic Produce

1. Shop at Farmer's Markets. You will usually find the better deals with a variety of produce to choose from. You will not be limited to bananas, oranges, apples and grapes.

2. Purchase produce in bulk. Most raw food vegans go through bananas fairly quickly and it is a great idea to purchase this in bulk. You don't want to keep making quick dashes to the store for bananas.

3. Give the discounted produce a second look. Often times stores will have produce that is discounted because they are riper, bruised or have been in the store a little longer then needed. Don't skip the discounted produce, they need to be eaten too.

4. Purchase directly from the farmer. If you can find a local farmer, get to know him/her and from time to time offer to help out in return for some fresh local produce.

5. Join a food co-op group. If you have a food co-op in your area, join it. It usually requires you to pay a small fee and your time. In the end you benefit by getting some awesome produce and you have given your time in helping the food co-op group.

Feel free to share how you save money, when purchasing organic produce (had to ask)?