Thursday, February 19, 2009

Raw Banana Pudding

Everyone makes it look so easy to make raw banana ice cream, so I decided to try it. Needless to say I did not get the raw banana ice cream that I so badly wanted to have. I think I over processed it, but I will get it right next time. On a happier note, instead of raw banana ice cream, I have a raw banana pudding.

Yep, I think I created a very tasty banana pudding that actually reminds me of the traditional banana pudding. I decided to call it Raw Banana Peachy Pudding. I added the peaches, because the pudding was a little too sweet for me. Notice the ice crystals on the peaches, I was really trying to be creative. *Note* I do not recommend eating frozen fruit. Allow time for fruit to thaw.

This is a very tasty treat and I really like it. I added dates which gave it a sweet taste. The dates were the vanilla wafers that we usually find in traditional banana pudding. I did not eat ALL of this. I put in the freezer so that I can have a sweet treat for later. Yum, yum!!

3 frozen bananas
4 soaked dates (next time I will NOT put 4 maybe 2)
a little water from the soaked dates
oops, I added an unfrozen banana thinking I was doing something.
I want do that again.
Process in blender. Enjoy! Top with whatever you like.