Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Ms. Sweetie (Sabrina) the author of the Sweetie Raw Food Goodness blog nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award and I would like to say, "Thank You" for honoring me with this award. I have met some very good people during my short time blogging. I appreciatel all the support, encouragement and awesome information that I receive from all of you. I learn so much from all of you.

I must tell you (7) things that I love and to also nominate (7) other bloggers for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

(7) Things that I love
  1. God...without Him, there would be no me.
  2. Husband...he has always encouraged me to follow my dreams, supports me on my raw food journey and loves me just the way I am.
  3. Daughter...she keeps me grounded and to appreciate the simple things in life. I enjoy every day that we share together, because I know tomorrow is not promised. Cease the day, for it is ours.
  4. People...are beautiful gems to me. I treasure every experience that I have with people (good/bad).
  5. Inspiring & Encouraging...others to follow their dreams and to tell them that they can make it.
  6. Mangoes...when God made mangoes, I know had me in mind. (yum..yum..)
  7. Green Smoothies...are the simply the best.
I have to nominate (7) other bloggers for this award. I follow many different blogs that discuss a variety of topics that are of interest to me, so this award not only includes Raw Food bloggers, but Other bloggers that I have met along the way. If I did not nominate you, know that I love you too.

Living the Fruity Life with Sarah(http://livingfruity.blogspot.com/)
Sarah was one of the first raw food bloggers I connected with and has been so supportive and encouraging. **I know you have already been nominated, but I feel you had to be nominated again. :)

Raw Hope with Hopi (http://rawhope.wordpress.com/)
Hopi is such a sweet lady. I don't remember how we connected,
but I do know we have so much in common. I enjoy Hopi's blog posts and
videos on YouTube. (rawhope)

Raw Vegan Foodie with Liz (http://veganfoodi.blogspot.com/)
Liz has a beautiful blog. Her photos of the gourmet raw treats she makes are amazing. Those photos make my mouth water every time I see them.

Character Corner with AttorneyMom (http://charactercorner.blogspot.com/)
Attorney Mom has a very informative and inspirational blog. We found each other on YouTube and we've been following for a while.
Sophia, Naturally with Sophia (http://naturallysophia.blogspot.com/)
Sophia has a very informative and interesting blog about her life featuring her natural hair. Very creative with her blog posts.

My Second Trial with Herby (http://herby-mysecondtrial.blogspot.com/)
I met Herby on MyblogLog. Herby has a beautiful photo blog of pictures he has taken in Germany and in other countries. His photos are amazing!
Rawdawg Rory with Rory (http://rawdawgrory.com/)
I think I first met Rory on the Raw Fu group and have been a follower ever since.
Rory is a raw food chef and his food looks scrumptious. He also makes and sells
smoothie jar bags. Rory, I will purchase one soon. :)

To all those who I nominated for this award, please nominate (7) bloggers for the Kreativ Blogger Award and tell us (7) things you love. Thank you!