Thursday, January 15, 2009

Durian Fascination

New to raw foods, I ran across this exotic fruit (durian) that is native to southeast Asia. But from the looks of it and from what I've read about the smell, I don't know if I will try it, but I'm curious.

Durian is not allowed in hotels and airports in some parts of southeast Asia, because of it's funky smell, but I guess if I can get past the smell, then maybe I will like it. The outside looks scary and then when I see the inside, its ever scarier. Some people love durian and others hate it. I hope to be one who loves it. I do not want to speak too soon, but I'm trying to be positive.

I first saw durian at the DeKalb Farmer's Market, by accident. I saw it in the freezer and wondered to myself what it was, but I moved on. Now I know what it is and where I will purchase it when I get the courage to try it.