Thursday, January 22, 2009

Detoxing on a Budget

When was the last time you had your oil changed? You probably can easily answer that question. The next question will probably be a little harder for you to answer. When was the last time you detoxed or had a good internal cleansing of your body? You probably have to really think about this one. We should be detoxing/cleansing at least once a year, more if we have a lot of issues that we like to see resolved (weight release, health conditions, skin issues, etc).

I have done some cleanses/detoxes and have found that the best way to cleanse is to do it naturally. I bet you are probably wondering, how can I detox naturally without purchasing expensive detoxing kits? In the past, I have spent hundreds of dollar on detoxing kits, it was quite expensive, but I now know better.

I have been researching ways to detox naturally and have found that we do not have to spend a lot of money to do a detox. We can detox simply by eating cleansing foods. Detoxing is economically feasible for everyone.

Ways to Detox without spending a lot of money
  1. Mono food cleanses (apples, grapes, etc)
  2. Liquid cleanses (lemonade diet-master cleanse, juice, smoothie, short water fast, etc)
  3. Raw food cleanses (green cleanse, green smoothies, etc)
  4. Cleanses with food (not all raw)
  5. Other cleanses (detox from salt, headaches, etc)
Consider detoxing on a budget. Decide what kind of detox you will do, select a start date, purchase the foods specific for the detox you have decided to do, and prepare your mind. Mind preparation is key for successfully completing a detox. Your body will thank you for the tune-up and will be smiling from the inside out.