Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peas on Earth - Day 4

I am grateful for self esteem. (from the workbook) Having a positive attitude is a choice. Having good self esteem is a choice.

My taste buds are changing. I have had a few pretzels and I promise you they are not good to me like they use to be. I am definitely noticing taste bud changes.

Let's begin with my day. I had a smoothie this morning, one I made the way I wanted to make. I did not follow any recipe for this one and this was delicious. Fruit: 3 bananas, frozen peaches, frozen mixed berries. Other stuff: Hemp protein powder, bee pollen, spirulina, coconut oil, yacon sweetener. This smoothie was good to the last drop.

I had to have some more hummus because it was so yummy. A hummus sandwich was the next meal of the day. 2 romaine leaves, slices of red bell pepper and very few tomatoes with hummus spreaded on 1 lettuce leaf. Both leaves were put together make the sandwich. This was filling.

Later, I had to experiment with nori, so I made raw sushi. This was very tasty. I used the recipe from Frederic Patendaue. Wow, this was so delicious! (nori,carrots, onion, apple, avocado, curry, and tamari sauce). Check it out for yourself.