Saturday, November 15, 2008

Peas on Earth - Day 1

Today was okay for me. I had to get up early to do a client's hair. After completing the hair task, I made my smoothie. I chose to have a green smoothie and it was okay, not my favorite. I had a banana, romaine lettuce smoothie, with maca powder added along with coconut oil and yacon sweetener. It took me a while to drink this smoothie, but I got it down.

I attended a church function at 2 pm and had an apple on the way to this function. While the program was going on, my stomach was growling something fierce. Needless to say, a sista was starving. I remedied the situation, by drinking some water. Dinner was being served following this function and I had to counteract the temptation to eat food. Immediately after the function was over, I quickly made my exit. Woo, I made it home without giving into the temptation of eating all the yummy cooked foods that would have been before my eyes.

Once I arrived home, I prepared very tasty and feeling meal for myself. I prepared guacamole and placed this guacamole on top of some chopped romaine lettuce along with some sliced Roma tomatoes. I used herbamare for my seasoning. After eating this, I was no longer hungry or felt like I was starving. I was satisfied!!

I made it through Day 1 and I feel very pleased with myself.